Every day driving down 610 to get to my apartment, I see the empty field that used to house some of my childhood and teenage memories.

Days and nights trying to chase the cutest girl, riding the scariest rides, even teasing my family members who were too scared to do this or that. You grow up a child in Houston, you long for the summers where the word “season pass” didn’t instantly make you think of the NFL Network or something like that – it made you think of Astroworld.

Yesterday made it seven years since one of my favorite haunts and places of lore was completely demolished. Six FLags claimed that the park didn’t generate enough money to sustain itself and had relative low performance as an attraction plus the uncertainty over parking concerns due to Reliant Stadium and the Astrodome being right across the street. Seven years later, it’s still tough as hell to park at Reliant.

So we ask you Houstonians and elsewhere – what was your favorite memory of the theme park which sadly had to shut its doors seven years ago yesterday?

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