His summer of success at Kickback Sundays cooling, Houston’s Young G digs deep and releases a brand new mixtape to celebrate his feats. Houston’s Most Wanted cuts out all the fat that occupies most mixtapes with bogus skits and instead focuses on G’s rapid fire delivery and bob-and-weave cadence. From his anthemic take on the already blustery “Hold Me Back”, the strained violins of “Hot Boy” featuring C4 & Luke Duke to “I’m Live”, his radio made single featuring Marcus Lawson & KDOGG, the growth he’s shown from working shows with Big K.R.I.T. to holding his own against eight others in Raw Talent fleshes out heavily on HMW. Considering how in pocket he is with a select group of artists, its interesting to note that Young G has time to insert the voice of Roosh Williams on the tape – leaving an opening for G’s cocksure raps and Williams uncontainable and highly imaginable cadence to breathe on a new track. We might have to learn of that track later down the road.

DOWNLOAD: Young G – Houston’s Most Wanted | Stream

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