A question I ask to many people runs parallel to the same thoughts of Langston Hughes. A dream, especially one that happens to be dashed always leads to questions of what could have been. Rap fans ask that with legends who were cut down in tragic means, whether natural or at the hand of another being. Sports fans ask it to almost bellowing levels. I ask it sometimes about my relationships, life in general. Life sadly does not get a reset button.

Many wish the same for Ben Wilson.

Nearly thirty years ago, the Simeon High product shot to unexplained heights as a basketball phenom. With a lanky 6-8, 190 pound frame, Wilson was the greatest baller the city of Chicago ever produced. Smooth like Magic, explosive like Michael, Ben Wilson was going to be the one. He embodied it every time he took a picture in 1984, accentuating it with his index finger lofted in the air.


It takes one moment for us to truly attempt to materialize what cause and effect means. The causes of Ben Wilson, his love for his then girlfriend and the mentality of Billy Moore all led to a singular effect – two shots, terrible response by a hospital trauma unit and one death – that of Ben Wilson.

He’s Chicago folk hero and last night Coodie & Chike brought his life back into the forefront of America. Inner city Chicago still hasn’t begun to grasp the ramifications of death as violence has grown to an alarming rate. Anyone could be Ben Wilson at this point, same as how Houston rap fans can say the same about Fat Pat, H.A.W.K. and many more. To bring all perspectives together, even from the shooter Billy Moore shows how layered and tragic the story is – for it not only damaged Ben Wilson’s probable ascent to NBA stardom, it damaged Billy Moore’s life and that of accomplice Omar Wilson.

All it takes is one.

Watch the documentary below.