The OG of hip-hop journalism has been getting plenty of viral face time lately. From his series with Hennessy to his debut series The Truth with Life + Times, YN is once again changing the aspect of hip-hop journalism and its respectability.

For the show’s debut episode, YN tackles three recent records from hip-hop’s “elder statesmen” in LL Cool J’s “Ratchet”, Fat Joe’s “Instagram That Hoe”* & Eve’s “She Bad Bad”. Eve might get off a bit light here but the previous two records? Crimes against career legacy. At no point in 2012 should LL be anywhere the word “ratchet” and Joey Crack seemingly acting like he’s from Texas/Miami/Georgia for a track which is hustling backwards? Technical foul.

* Had it been just a Juicy J single then the club would have accepted it and it would have lived in the “Ratchet 2012” pamphlet.