Much like the DJ Screw exhibit featured at the University of Houston, Rice University unveiled during its centennial anniversary celebrations over the weekend that the works and memoriabilia of North Houston record label Swishahouse would be featured inside of their Fondern Library.

The label, founded by Michael “5000” Watts and current head of the chopped not slopped DJ crew The Chopstars OG Ron C has been viable for more than 15 years, overseeing platinum albums from Paul Wall & Mike Jones as well as other influential Houston legends such as Slim Thug, Chamillionaire are more.

It’s a historical marker for many still wanting to do sociological finds on Houston hip-hop, its vast wealth and intricacies and the pure irony of both the DJ Screw/Screwed Up Click exhibit and the Swishahouse exhibit inside of the cities two most prestigious universities only adds to it.