There should be a message under the sign for “Welcome To Sierra Blanca, Texas” saying, “WILL PULL YOU OVER IF YOU ARE A RAPPER/MUSICIAN”. The town which has arrested Willie Nelson, Snoop Lion & recently Fiona Apple has now taken yet another artist and hemmed them up.

Nelly was riding through the sleepy Texas town when he was detained by US Customs & Border Patrol agents for having 36 bags of heroin, 10 pounds of weed & a loaded gun on the bus. After six passengers including Nelly were detained, one passenger, Brian Keith Jones confessed to all of the contraband belonging to him and he was subsequently booked while everyone else was let go. In other words, Murphy Lee was not the designated carrier for this trip.

According to the police report, “During a routine check of U.S. citizenship the inspecting Border Patrol agent, a canine detected the presence of concealed humans and/or controlled substances emitting from the seams of the main entrance of the vehicle and requested the driver to pull into the secondary inspection lane for further inspection. The agent requested all subjects to exit the bus so that a canine working the checkpoint could conduct an inspection of the vehicle. Upon entering the bus the canine alerted to a cardboard box. A further search produced a small plastic container containing marijuana, and (36) very small Ziploc bags containing Heroin and a loaded .45 cal pistol.”

“At that time Brian Keith Jones freely admitted that the controlled substances along with the weapon belonged to him and he was placed under arrest by U.S. Border Patrol agents and detained. The vehicle and all subjects except for Jones were released from the checkpoint and allowed to travel with no further incident. At approximately 9:30 p.m. the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and upon arrival, Mr. Jones was taken into custody and transported to the Hudspeth County jail and is currently awaiting a bond-hearing expected to take place later today or tomorrow.”

[via RFT]