Chances are, in one way or another, you’ve heard of Houston rapper DICE. Either you’ve seen him perform live, saw his ode to the city on WorldStar Hip-Hop, or – most likely – know of his EmaQLate Forever brand.

While for the most part it may appear that DICE quieted down some after making a lot of noise towards the end of last year, the hustle is still present, just more behind the scenes. An artist and businessman with a chess player’s mindset, DICE has been making moves on behalf of his brand and others, with EmaQLate most recently branching out into visuals by handling direction of music videos for Just Brittany. Now DICE is back, announcing his arrival with this newest leak, “Underdog.”

It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive about “Underdog” – the fact that DICE manages to unpack so many references (for example, linking Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing to a “clip” in both movie and gun form) and drop some nice quotables; or the fact that the track sounds so complete for something that’s not even two minutes long. Could this be DICE’s putting, to borrow his words, “the wack rappers and back stabbers” on notice that his EmaQLateForever project might finally see the light of day? Time will tell.