Remember that Dave Chappelle joke where he said white people would do everything in their power to hide their opinion of who they’re voting for and how black people will openly talk about how they’d beat up politicians? Well, Stacey Dash just became an example of said joke.

On Twitter last night, the cougar with him we’ve had a fascination with for the better part of two decades now decided to let it be known that she was voting for Mittens and not Barack Obama. Were we shocked? Somewhat but we’re of the ilk where we don’t judge people for their voting affiliations. It’s not as if Stacey is going to be the Helen of Troy in the battle for President of the United States but we must say – this one hurt.

Stacey, you’re almost fifty and still look like the owner of a magical box where rainbows, sprinkles and free iPhone 5s emit from. We say #HeyBoo every chance we get. You probably rate a decent 95 on the “Bath Water Drinking Scale”. I mean, just because our voting allegiances don’t mix right now doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance for us to be together in the future. I mean, the black guys will be upset as all hell because you’re not voting for Obama and they deem it a must that any person of color has to vote for the black candidate but we understand.

Then again, you’re voting for the guy who wants to lay the murk game down on Sesame Street, put Oscar The Grouch out on the street where he can’t afford a decent trash can and believes in a lot of different things when the moment calls for it. I think they called John Kerry the same thing back in ’04, a “flip-flopper”.