If you’re a Twitter addict and just so happen to follow Jay Bilas then you know the ESPN college basketball announcer and analyst is a fan of Young Jeezy. A huge one. Every morning, Bilas reaches into his iTunes, cues up a Jeezy song, finds the lyrics and copies them onto his Twitter account for all of his 390K followers to see. He also edits out the curses to make sure nobody at ESPN looks at him the wrong way.

Well, the inevitable finally happened. This morning, Bilas attempted to do his usual routine with a Jeezy lyric, this time one from The Recession‘s “Vacation”. Only this tweet was different than the others – the “n-word” made its way onto Twitter.

Bilas subsequently apologized a tweet later before giving us the edited version of the lyric.

The slip doesn’t make Trill Bilas a racist, far from it. As the Four Letter Network’s biggest critic of NCAA hypocrisy, he’s cool with plenty of people from all over the country. Just let it be another moment where someone forgot to edit something down before they hit the “Tweet” button.