ESPN began its newest season of its acclaimed 30 for 30 series last night with “Broke,” a documentary detailing how many athletes in the sporting world, once presented with the riches and fame, went on to make poor choices with their money.

Director Billy Corben manages to make “Broke” at once a cautionary tale – juxtaposing honest confessions about mismanaged finances from many former stars, many of whom we once saw in their glory days and now reduced to the most humble of shells – and a thoroughly proactive entry. For Black people especially, there’s always that underlying cultural stereotype that we spend beyond our means (especially when you come into a massive amount of money at one time, after having grown up with access to very little #RememberTheTuitionRefundCheck) and it’s hard to ignore the presence of so many Black athletes on “Broke.” Perhaps the biggest lesson we can learn from this outside of the numbers that many of our favorite professional sports leagues draw, is how crucial it is to save.

Also, props to anyone who manages to catch the audio of the classic Cash Money posse cut “Way Of Life” playing in the background at one point during “Broke.”

[via yardie]