The first quarter of the NFL season is already over and after dealing with replacement referees, botched calls and wild games already, the league couldn’t be happier. And if you happen to root for Gang Green, the New York Jets? You’re looking in the mirror, saying damn to yourself and wonder – do we really have to go with Tim Tebow?

Granted, the Jets knew coming into Sunday’s matchup with CeCe’s pissed off 49ers team that they were going to have to hold things down on both sides of the ball. Rex’s boys proved to do neither and only mustered up 140 yards of offense before getting routed 34-0. Mark Sanchez throwing ducks, Revis Island on repairs and now with Santonio Holmes befallen to a freak non-contact injury, the Jets are looking more like the Kites and have to deal with a team maybe nastier than San Fran on Monday night in the Houston Texans.

Let’s get our homerism out of the way. The Texans beat the Titans, 38-14 to go to 4-0 for the first time ever. Also, they’re the first Houston pro football team (do we really count the Gamblers?) to go 4-0. Also things to note here:

– Chris Johnson put up 3x as much yardage as he had all season on the Texans D.
– J.J. Watt is more than likely your Defensive Player of the Year so far.
– Kareem Jackson (!) scored a touchdown on a pick-6.
– Jake Locker got baptized on a safety blitz leading to Matt Hasslebeck in and the Titans wondering what can else can go wrong.


The Atlanta Falcons, known for their great regular season accumen (and wetting the bed in the playoffs) appear to want none of those attributes this season after pulling out a win in the Georgia Dome on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. After Cam Newton (and Ron Rivera) gift wrapped the Dirty Birds one last drive, Matt Ryan continued his MVP claims by leading the team down the field for a game winning field goal. Not to mention, he promptly pulled a Shawn Michaels on Bret Hart against the Panthers.

And just for kicks, Ed Werder got his jokes in too.

– RGIII engineered a game winning drive against the Buccaneers. He almost caused a Beltway riot by having Mike Shanahan openly say, “Leave the game in the hands of Billy Cundiff.

– The Packers almost got jobbed by the referees again versus the Saints but karma just hates the Saints more. 0-4 for the first time since 2007 and calls of “You Gotta Pray” are all over the Superdome.

– Jamaal Charles, Port Arthur’s own is probably the Chief’s lone weapon on offense. It showed in the 37-20 loss against the Chargers. At least he knows how Bo Jackson felt in Tecmo Bowl all those years ago.

– Don’t look now but the Cardinals are somewhat for real. After having Ryan Tannehill bless them with 400+ yards through the air and letting Brian Hartline look like Randy Moss with 200+ receiving yards, the Cards STILL eeked out an OT win to go to 4-0. Kevin Kolb is flashing his pinky ring right now at his haters.

– Peyton Manning didn’t look like Peyton Manning against Atlanta & Houston. But he damn sure did look like Manning by going 30-38 against the Raiders for 300+ yards.

– The Eagles did exactly what they should have done. Not turn the ball over and let the Giants do their own miscue thing to lead to a 19-17 win on Sunday night. And there was a Brian Dawkins sighting. Dawkins got his jersey retired by the franchise and of course led a spirited pep talk. In Philly, thou shall not mess with Weapon X.