“There is no solution to violence, killing is the solution.”

Blunt statements are normally what raises the most eyebrows. In Chicago, the murder rate climbs to near unprecedented heights concerning gang members with media members and citizens scrambling for answers they may never find. The continued ink bled on the subject has yet to do anything aside from inform people across the country of how senseless the violence in Chicago has become. A teacher strike didn’t help matters but obviously the social ills that have befallen America’s Second City can be repainted and retagged with areas such as New Orleans, Camden, Richmond and more.

Chicago media such as Bill Kurtis (of American Justice fame) & Walter Jacobson opened their nightly news telecast by tossing out gang stats which are not only shocking, they’re unavoidable eyesores. Over 100,000 gang members populate Chicago, 15,000 of which in the suburbs thanks to projects being torn down and gentrification occurring. Jacobson sat down with a group of gang members to take in their thoughts on why they’re in gangs and what to make of the killings.

Unafraid of the police, no need to flinch at the sight of a bullet.

C.I.T.Y., New Orleans own can easily believe some of the statements tossed out by the members. “Get it how you live” was the mantra of N.O. hoods all the way from the 90s on and still is. The pure irony behind “Operation Zero” is that it comes immediately on the heels of the video above. The KO produced track embodies what C.I.T.Y. believes in, change must be made from the inside before it is ultimately viewed as a success on the outside. He picks up on George Bush’s slightly dated premise of “No Child Left Behind” and applies it to everyone around him, a staunch tactic for AM raps swamped in rhetoric and non-preachy belief.

There’s plenty of ways to convey your message and let it hit home. Some may be aggrandizing, others caught up in their own murkiness that nothing comes out in the correct context. C.I.T.Y. nails the middle ground here, still beginning the question – if we kill each other, who really survives in America?

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