Tuesday night wasn’t the greatest night for Washington Ave located NOX Bar. The club, which has attempted to rebuilt its image by offering a free all night promotion on Tuesdays suffered a major PR hit when two parents were arrested outside the club after police say they left their children inside of their vehicle while they went to party.

Misty Robinson, 34, and stepfather Alvin Degar, 30 were arrested early Wednesday morning on charges of child endangerment. The children in question were five and three years old.

Also occurring last night was the arrest of 30-year-old Calvin Masters for felon in posession of a weapon. Officers had discovered there was a loud argument occurring outside the club but those patrons had been let in.

In a completely unrelated incident from the other two, Doughbeezy, fresh off of his performance at Hip Hop The Vote wasn’t treated too kindly by ownership and let his feelings known via Twitter.