Score another one for the Houston Police Department.

Officers had reported to a group home for the mentally ill under 24-hour supervision when one man cornered the officers. Witnesses say Brian Claunch, a one-arm, one-legged man diagnosed with schizophrenia & bipolar disorder had become distraught with an employee had begun swinging an object what officers determined to be a weapon. Claunch then cornered the officers with his wheelchair which prompted the officer to fire his gun. Claunch died on the scene, the victim of a single gunshot wound from the officers. The weapon officers discovered he had in his hand? A silver pen.

The officer who fired that fatal shot, Matthew Marin has been assigned to desk duty following the incident. Marin has had a history of being in the headlines, once for shooting a suspect in the line of duty three years ago and also being accused with two other officers of beating Marvin Driver, father to Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver. Marin was found not guilty in that incident.