Here’s a few things we’ve known about Green Day ever since American Idiot made them staples of modern rock and completely abandoned their punk roots. They’ve been around since 1988 and wrote “Time Of Your Life”, possibly the most anti-punk song by a punk band ever. They’ve become critical darlings for making political statements dressed up as pop records. Oh, and they were slated to play the iHeartRadio Music Festival along with a bunch of other big bands because well … they’re a big band now.

And as a big band, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong thought he’s was good enough to get a full set. Instead, the promoters cut Green Day’s set short to allow Usher more time for his performance. That didn’t sit too well with Armstrong cutting “Basket Case” short to deliver this speech:

“Oh, f*ck this sh*t. I’m gonna play a f*cking new song. F*ck this shit. Give me a f*cking break. One minute left. One minute f*cking left. You’re gonna give me one f*cking minute? Look at that f*cking sign right there — one minute. Let me fucking tell you something, let me tell you something, I’ve been around since f*cking 198-f*cking-8. And you’re gonna give me one f*cking minute? You’ve gotta be f*cking kidding me! You’re f*cking kidding me. What the f*ck! I’m not f*cking Justin Bieber, you motherf*ckers. You’ve gotta be f*cking joking. This is a f*cking joke. I got one minute — one minute left. Oh, now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one f*cking minute f*cking means. [smashes guitar] One minute. God f*cking love you all. We’ll be back.”

He then smashed his guitar and walked off, confusing fans who thought it was awesome to see Gren Day come back to their roots or rather saddened because a grown man was smashing a guitar in a fit of rage. The festival was behind 20 minutes but Green Day got the brunt of it. Armstrong and the band have since released a statement where the singer will be heading to rehab for “substance” abuse.