Action Bronson is coming to town Saturday. The show is at Numbers and your attendance if sort of mantadory if you’re a fan of the VICE/Warner signee with the kitchen (culinary) skills as well as the sort of outlandish storytelling that makes him a cult favorite. Here’s reason one: Bronson and producer Party Supplies have another offering of Blue Chips coming. The first one is still up there as one of 2012’s best projects top to bottom and their quasi-new single “It’s Me” represents all that made Blue Chips a melting pot of wit, hilarity and spot-on production.

DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson – It’s Me (prod. Party Supplies)

The second reason would be D-Risha. You see, D-Risha already has people who are his supporters no less that absolutely hate him. Well, not hate but they scream “Fuck D-Risha!” at every show he’s on the bill. A quick strike freestyle entitled “Unleashed” should serve the people wanting more and willing to shell out a few bucks to see what Houston can offer in terms of a warm up before Bronselinho.