For two hours I’ve sat and stared at the computer screen, attempting to come up with a better title but nothing can properly describe the video below more than “DMX vs. Computer” in the meta sense. In a way, it’s the perfect extension of DMX’s interview on Power 105.1 a few days ago and in other places, it’s almost like watching Gator from Jungle Fever become a real, living thing.

X, for all of his knowledge doesn’t know how to look himself up on Google. For a minute and thirty seconds, the cosmic shifts of the world get turned upside down as Dark Man X growls his way through windows, toolbars, the impatience of a loading circle and more. I think this Facebook comment sums everything up: “Stop. Drop. Shut it down I don’t give a fuck about this box. Oh, no. That’s how Ruff Ryders scroll.”

Funny enough, the once mighty Earl Simmons played a computer expert in Exit Wounds.