Dear Recording Artists Of America (or Anywhere For That Matter),

During your time in Texas, do not visit Sierra Blanca. The city is known for one thing and one thing only – arresting musicians on drug charges. You can ask Willie Nelson, he hates the place. Same for Snoop Lion (or Dogg) because the cops in Sierra Blanca have absolutely shit else to do except arrest you and force you to lose money on a show you may have in the coming days or so.

Our latest example would be Fiona Apple. Yes Fiona, this world is bullshit but so is your arrest in Sierra Blanca when you admitted to cops when they pulled you over that you indeed own the hash they found on you. You were supposed to play ACL Live in Austin tonight and that’s been postponed. Now your Houston date tomorrow at Bayou Music Center is in question. All because you forgot to follow the trend set by your peers – do not under any circumstances visit Sierra Blanca. Not even for a drink of water.

[via TMZ]