Apparently, taking over just one season isn’t enough for Kanye West in 2012. Barely a day after the official release of Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album, the above image popped up on internets today as did the domain name

If there’s anything Kanye is good for, it’s for whetting people’s appetites and letting rumor and speculation do the rest; and sure enough, the blogosphere has already gone off with theories. Hip Hop Wired suggests that Black American Psycho is allegedly Kanye’s new solo album (a tempting theory, especially since it might explain why, after it was all but confirmed that Mos Def Yasiin Bey was working with West, he was surprisingly absent from Cruel Summer – because he was working on Kanye’s album).

However, we here at Day & A Dream are more inclined to side with 2DopeBoyz’s guess that it’s actually a movie Kanye West has put together (think Runaway, for example). Look no further than West’s own lyrics on Cruel Summer’s intro track, “To The World,” on which ‘Ye touts, “Did the fashion show, and a tour, and a movie and a scoreThis a ghetto opera – Francis Ford Car Coppola.” If anyone could assemble the visual equivalent of a “ghetto opera,” it’s certainly ‘Ye.

Either way, Black American Psycho surfaces October 23rd, meaning we’ve got a little over a month to figure out what Mr. West is cooking up. Until then, you can certainly enjoy what Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music crew have out already in Cruel Summer, out now on iTunes.

[via 2DBZ]

UPDATE: According to a trusted source within the G.O.O.D. camp, Black American Psycho isn’t a Kanye West album. Or anything for that matter. “They’ve barely started working on the new album,” the source tells us. “It could easily be someone trolling but I can say 100% though that its not his next solo album.”

While checking the Black American Psycho site, it appears to have been stripped down to even the most basic components. Either we’ve all been served a healthy troll or there’s more to the story here.