Raise your hand if you were a Cowboys fan beating your chest after beating the Giants in Week 1. Raise your hands if you still feel the ‘Boys are the best team in the NFL after having 10 days to prepare for Seattle and Russell Wilson yet lost by 20. Cowboys fans know this sort of delusion, Jerry Jones and company have been doing this for at least 17 years now, pulling the hearts and minds of Dallas fans who wind up suffering from battered wives syndrome.

Well John Shango couldn’t help himself. Known as one of the major characters on YouTube who professes his Cowboy fandom, he was more than beside himself with the Cowboys latest lost. In a five minute clip which has now gone viral, Shango threatens that Dez Bryant will be shipped to Cleveland, the Cowboys will get punked by the Ravens & Steelers and even shames himself by saying he made a video (which he took down smartly) saying the Cowboys were the best team in the league.

Enjoy and watch Cowboys fan, be happy you didn’t put your frustrations on YouTube too.