Dallas’s own self-proclaimed Oakcliff Huxtable, better known as J. Rhodes, seems convinced that the second half of 2012 is his for the taking. He dropped the timely “Beastie Boys” earlier this year and for the most part, has flown under radar save for handling production duties here and there. But make no mistake – Rhodes is definitely still working, and look no further than this latest release from him, “5th Element,” featuring Ben Cina.

J. Rhodes teams up with Sir Tim on production to provide “5th Element” with a beat that’s damned smooth, with a subtle trip-hop-meets-island vibe. Meanwhile, J. Rhodes takes advantage of the smooth beat to basically spit game for nearly four elements, praising a woman who demands his attention with Ben Cina’s hook further setting the mood. And while the nerd in me certainly was looking for a Korben Dallas and Leeloo reference, it’s hard not to give Rhodes’ rhyme scheme props when he’s dropping lines like “this eloquent beauty that got me in this trance/extraterrestrial energy/unexplainable synergy.” Just in time for Cuffing Season, right?