If Nas made “Loco-Motive” for those “trapped in the ’90s” cats then Undergravity makes entire bodies of work for those brought up in Third Ward banging absolutely nothing but the Screwed Up Click. Some make it a mission to continue evolving a sound, eschewing fan bases and riffling a few feathers. Mac & Adam Bomb on the other hand like being knee deep in the aesthetic which still reigns upon a select area of Houston rap.

On their latest EP The Underdawgs From Undergravity, the simple drum and kick behind “Some Moe Funk” featuring the sadly departed Big Moe represents all of that. Take into account the fact that Chopstar Jimmy’s drawl sets up the rest of the EP in such a mid-era collage of muddy synths and claps that you succumb to it. The only chance Undergravity lets their heads poke out to see what the current era is dealing with is a freestyle on Drake’s “Cameras” released earlier this year.

It’s Saturday morning, think it’s time to take a stroll with some new aged cooking of some old soul.

DOWNLOAD: Undergravity – The Underdawgs From Undergravity