If Killa Season and Paid In Full have taught us anything, it’s that Cam’Ron is one of the greatest rapper turned actors of our generation. No more is fact on display than when he sneaks up on his Cousin Bang frying chicken at 4 AM in a robe and what can literally be called the “Cousin Bang Du-Rag”. Having already been Dwight Howard’d out the post for his chicken, Cam is forced to listen to Bang tell the story of the last time somebody hassled him over some chicken – with Kanye West & GLC at Harold’s in the Chi.

Now, I’ve never partaken of the mild sauce but I hear it’s one of the greatest creations in all of existence. Setting up the plot for this would only make this entire thing even less funny than it is so simply click play, watch Cam do his best Curb Your Enthusiasm impersonation and watch Kanye, in Bang’s words, “yawn his motherf*ckin ass out the door”.

[via Miss Info]