In an interview with SPIN, ST 2 Lettaz of Alabama duo G-Side announced that the group had broken up amicably. “It was time to go elsewhere creatively,” he said to writer Brandon Soderberg. “We’ve been doing records since 2004. You just grow up and grow out and that’s kind of the case.”

The duo, consisting of ST & Yung Clova had released five albums on the Slow Motion Soundz label, frequently collaborating with Block Beattaz to create a sense of homegrown, country fried rap tunes that appealed to the common man and the hustler willing to do anything to make it. Their last album, iSLAND had once again earned sterling marks from some rap critics but had yet to break through the glass ceiling. ST still presses on however solo, stating that the next G-Side album, G… Growth & Development will actually be his solo debut project. “It’s the real, album-album, which will drop either December or January and it’s still going to going to be Block Beattaz-produced. It will be the big event.”

Watch ST’s newest solo video “Wishing Well” below.