Phil Knight and Reggie Miller are legends for separate reasons. Basketball may link them together but as pure shit talkers, they’re in separate classes.

Miller known for terrorizing the NBA for eighteen seasons in Indiana and Knight, the chief behind the world’s leading sneaker company in Nike were both inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday night.

Miller, the second leading three point assassin in league history made fans from the heartland to the big cities, known for his brash on the court behavior and getting into the skin of players and fans. For a 90s kid, Reggie was must see television, putting the Knicks on their heads two straight playoff series and pushing Jordan and the Bulls in ’98.

Knight, for all intents and purposes revolutionized the shoe game worldwide with Nike in the seventies, building upon a running shoe foundation and branching out into multiple sports and brands, culminating in an empire that oversees the NFL apparel and some of the more sought after signature sneakers on the market today.

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