As it’s been stated time and time again – Lil Keke is the walking dictionary of Houston rap slang. He’s coined slab and countless other literary moments on wax for the past two decades so his G-card is stamped with enough seals of approval. His first free mixtape in somewhat conjuncture with local underground outfit Kickback Sundays is a testament to what Keke’s been doing for about two generations of Houston hip-hop.

Da Leak is deeply rooted in everything Keke stands for, the gangster posturing, the steely production wavering between 70s slow boogie and the modern, elbow wide production of cuts like “Old School” and “Candy Red”. Keke even dips back to touching over Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” & Big Tuck’s “Not A Stain On Me” just to kick a freestyle or two but it’s mostly Da Don being him – which you can’t ask for much less.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Keke – Da Leak

For those inclined, come out to Numbers (300 Westheimer) tonight to celebrate with Da Don and the artists from Kickback Sundays who’ve been battling out every week for a chance to be apart of a remix to a Keke record and then some. Show starts at 7 and it’s absolutely FREE.