Sunday, life will begin anew for many a football fan across the country. Which mean we’ll be subjected to 9,000 tweets about Tim Tebow & Mark Sanchez, the Cowboys fans parading up and down your timeline about being the best and this finally being their year and … the year where the Texans make the Super Bowl (fingers crossed). Before all that, we might as well get today’s unique sports video of the way.

RGIII and Trent Richardson are already physically gifted for what they do. Richardson is bulky and bruising and should figure in the rebirth of the Cleveland Browns & RGIII has to carry the Redskins on his Heisman Trophy winning back. Watching the two play H.O.R.S.E. should tell you everything about them. Trick shots, between the legs layups, three pointers and then the gem at the end – watching RGIII nail a windmill dunk flush.

Sunday, you’re almost here.