If you heard your favorite football guy barnstorm into the office beating his chest about the ending of Wednesday night, you knew he was referring to football season being officially back. The NFL kicked off last night, spotlighting the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants and America’s Favorite Team To Hate, the Dallas Cowboys.

After the dust settled, Cowboys fans got louder and louder on Twitter, more giddy towards the end as the Boys and Tony Romo did something they didn’t achieve last season – beat the Giants. The 24-17 victory came with a few key points to look at and could play big later in the season:

The Cowboys won in spite of themselves to the tune of 13 penalties for close to 90 yards. Yes, Tony Romo threw a routine interception but following it, he was exceptional throwing for 3 scores and 300+ yards without making any mistakes. Had Dallas not made its miscues on the offensive side of the ball with holding penalties and false starts, the score could have easily been 27-17 or 31-17 and that’s because…

The Cowboys defense looks to have been fixed. I’m sure Cowboys fans are sick of hearing about the leads they coughed up last season, including four by 12 or more points. The offseason additions of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne in the secondary which had been about as bombed out and depleted as the Texans secondary was in 2010 did their job against the Giants weapons of Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz & Domenik Hickson, only allowing Eli Manning to put up 213 yards and a single score to ex-Cowboy Martellus Bennett. Yes, Demarcus Ware will always wreck havoc and Sean Lee will continue to be one of the more underrated defenders in the league but the holes in the Cowboys look to be fixed – for now.

Super Bowl hangover? The Giants are about as schizophrenic as can be. Becoming the first defending champ to lose on opening day in 13 years, the Giants can blame their misfortunes on three Victor Cruz drops and a secondary that allowed undrafted free agent Kevin Ogletree turn into an instant Fantasy Football pickup for Week 2 and a run defense that saw Demarco Murray gash them for 131 yards. Either the Giants are going to be the team that got super hot after Week 14 last year or their problems from last season are going to carry over this year and Eli will have to carry the elite mantle in order to get them to the playoffs.