The senseless nonsense of Chicago violence has moved Lupe Fiasco to the point where he feels he can’t change the world any more through his lyrics. Yesterday after Twitter erupted over Chief Keef’s reaction to the murder of fellow Chicago rapper and teen Lil JoJo, Lupe inadvertandly got caught in the crossfire of Keef’s misplaced venom. All Fiasco could do was offer a bit of peace to the situation, attempting to fight hate with love like Radio Raheem but to no avail.

Despondent, Lupe then went so far as to toss his career away, unavailable to combat the evils of the world whether it be at home in Chicago or outside of the Windy City. In all honesty, it isn’t the first time Lupe has threatened retirement or anything of the sort but this time it seems like the matter hit harder than any of those previous moments before. As much as we’ve criticized LASERS, Lupe still remains one of the bright spots in hip-hop due to his nature and want for change to occur and he be a member of said change.

The question is, will he renege on these comments and come back to music or will Food & Liquor 2 be the last we hear of Lupe The Killer on wax?

As somewhat of a parting gift, Lupe gave up something else on Twitter – a song titled “ATP2”, an unfinished track more than likely that was going to be called “American Terrorist Pt. 2”