Last night, the Democratic National Convention got the opposite response of the Republican National Convention on Twitter (at least from those I follow on the social network) with nothing but high praise and hallelujah thunder claps whenever Michelle Obama and Julian Castro made valid speaking points when mentioning the President of the United States and why their parties top man should be re-elected this fall.

The FLOTUS’ speech especially kicked off a few fiery debates as it was passionate enough to elicit a wave of emotions – all of which were built around the premise “If you don’t act like a Michelle, don’t expect a Barack” and vice versa.

True, the president took a night off to watch his leading lady speak on his behalf and that of Democratic mothers everywhere when she reaffirmed her position as mother-in-chief comes before anything else and continued to let America in on the history of her husband, how the Presidency hasn’t changed him an ounce and that he was still the man she fell in love with in years previous.

All of that greatness almost got upstaged by resident shameless self promoter Kim Kardashian, who via Twitter almost spiked the good party punch with her announcing her DNC plans:

Look, every man in America not named Reggie Bush, Ray J, Kris Humphries or her first ex-husband would think about bedding Kim Kardashian and that’s about it. You can’t knock her hustle for trying to make every single moment in life about her in some form of way.

But there’s a definite plane that exists between one woman delivering a speech at a national convention for her husband’s re-election and another promoting an after party at one of the hood spots around Charlotte. Watch the FLOTUS’ rousing speech below and read the full transcript here.