Professional sports teams in America have been attempting to bring the home experience of watching a game to their arenas and stadiums in order to bring back high volume ticket sales. For the Houston Rockets, any and everything to make them unique shall be in store. With an emerging enigma in Jeremy Lin and a platoon of rookies, the Rockets will kick off their season on November 3rd with one big addition.

No, it’s not a center – it’s the country’s largest video scoreboard.

With sweeping change, the scoreboard is the centerpiece of the slight revamping of the Toyota Center as the board will be made by Panasonic and measure at 25′ x 58′ and be in 1080HD resolution. The move comes as the Rockets attempt to make the Toyota Center the most fan friendly arena in the country with a Wi-Fi data network, increased concession areas, 300 HD televisions in the upper and lower concourses, suites, the creation of the Lexus & Woodforest Lounges.