As a previous feature on one of the Morning LineUps, we were very impressed with the talents of Cry Wolf, and his rendition of “Ballad of Broken Birdie Records,” originally by Iceland’s Múm. The atmospheric downtempo of the original was never compromised in the revamp as the artist strived to maintain “the ethereal, somewhat haunting tone.” As a true artist, especially working within the realms of dubstep and revamps, it is imperative that you keep the listener as intrigued about the track as they were before pressing play; every pause, tempo change, and vocal scratch is essential to some great ear porn, and this is it. He embraces the track with synths and dubstep sounds, making it something enticing to the ears of its listeners, and something truly kissed by Cry Wolf himself. Personally, I am a true fan of artist vulnerability, and this video is a pure example of national enquirer for the raw dirty art of dubstep. As I said before, this track has to take its time to build, but just like foreplay, it has its rewards.

Check out my favorite change-up at 2:20.