We know we can’t get a handle on all the new music that comes out in a given day so we’ve neatly packaged together some of the best indie, alternative, rock, & remixed tracks you might have missed.

GRiZ – Smash The Funk

Preparing to debut his forthcoming album MAD LIBERATION, GRiZ  drops this funky synth filled masterpiece “Smash the Funk,” with a twist of jazz sax and a killer bass line. If there was a grown-folks version of a dance track, certainly supplied with enough glitches, this would be it. Too much groove in this track; so much so, I can see a couple of cats spitting bars over this one. MAD LIBERATION drops September 4.

DOWNLOAD: GRiZ – Smash The Funk

The Wanted – Glad You Came (Clark Kent Remix)

As a fan of The Wanted, and the original spin of “Glad You Came,” I must declare that Clark Kent‘s simmering dubstep remix is a jaw dropping revamp with more synthesizer sounds, lingering womps, and whistles to the heart’s desire. It is nice to hear a switch from the female vocally laced dubstep track, and give us a fan favorite we don’t have to learn to love.

DOWNLOAD: The Wanted – Glad You Came (Clark Kent Remix)

Zeds Dead – Cowboy (Blaster Remix)

I have never heard of Zeds Dead, nor the brilliant Guillaume Cloutou, or better known as Blaster, but from what I can conclude, both of them are of the rarest bread. Between the two of them, originally Zeds Dead on the track “Cowboy,” Blaster revamps the track that empowers the vibe and becomes the heartbeat of the floor with a wicked bass orchestration.

DOWNLOAD: Zeds Dead – Cowboy (Blaster Remix) 

SAVOY – So Bad (f. Heather Bright)

After unleashing their 7 track synopsis of what essentially envlopes the trio entitled Supertrail, SAVOY rekindles the love with Heather Bright, one of the most desired electronic vocalists in recent times, once again to create “So Bad,” a dubstep jewel. Assumingly after the success of We Are The Sun, it was inevitable before the two crossed paths once again to give us a reason to put a track on repeat.

DOWNLOAD: SAVOY – So Bad (f. Heather Bright)

OneRepublic – Feel Again

Releasing the first single “Feel Again” from their third studio album via all digital medias, OneRepublic has also noted that a percentage of the proceeds from sales of each download will be donted to the the Save the Children Foundation, the leading independent organization creating change in the lives and hearts of children in the U.S. and all around the world.

JSMN – Girl (I Used To Know) (MiMOSA Remix)


Tigran Mimosa, aka MiMOSA, already having the title of some of the sickest dubstep tracks and remixes shows his true genius as a producer, exploring alternate genres of music like JMSN‘s track “Girl (I Used To Know). Having his signature heavy dubstep synthy sound, he classifies the track himself as “future trill,” a genre that integrates many aspects of trap with the addtion of synths and deep basslines.  His skills plus the R&B stylings of JMSN’s vocals make this a brilliant picture-esque work of art and possibly the future of EDM.

DOWNLOADJMSN – Girl (I Used To Know) (MiMOSA Remix)


DWNTWN- Alamo Square

Sounding like something light and lovely, the electronic indie duo DWNTWN release “Alamo Square,” crooning the familiar woes of love and its challenges of recovering from heartbreak. The two elequently add the lyrics, “wake me up now… I’m sick of falling,” to a vocal altered atmospheric sound, quipped with synths and snares.