Until Kobe Bryant hangs up his Nike’s, he won’t be appreciated as the second best shooting guard in the history of basketball. From the moment he stepped in the league in 1996, Kobe’s heard the whispers of comparisons to one Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Same position, similar build, freakish athleticism, uncanny will to win. Being the “closest one” to the GOAT gives you plenty of people who hiss at your every step – even when you mimic and shadow almost every Jordan move and add it to your repertoire.

We all wanted to be like Mike on the court from the baggy shorts to the shoes but watching Kobe and Mike hit nearly identical shots in game situations is down right creepy. It either tells us that Kobe really studies film of the Greatest right down to the flick of his wrist or just somehow has figured out a way to keep his powers going long before his final dribble. The argument will rise once more with this video, Kobe having more shooting range than MJ, His Airness doing more with less his first six years in Chicago, the fact Mike put up 37 a game while only making 12 3-pointers, etc.

Still, how much does this video remind you of a game of Horse? And who would you take in a one game situation, KB24 or MJ?

[via With Leather]