Gearing up to release their new album All We Love We Leave Behind, the twenty years senior band Converge début the video for “Aimless Arrow,” with Max Moore‘s chaotic dark vision as the lens. The video itself is a mind boggler, leaving no breadcrumbs to determine the significance of the video; only what can be left up to interpretation from the track’s title. Rumored that the 17 track deluxe edition due this fall will probably rank lower in comparison to 2009’s Axe To Fall simply because it has no outside collaborators on its listing, it is to be assumed that this is a statement of what is to come and it’s kind of awesome. Check out the track listing after the jump.

All We Love We Leave Behind hits stores October 9.

All We Love We Leave Behind Track Listing

01 “Aimless Arrow”
02 “Trespasses”
03 “Tender Abuse”
04 “Sadness Comes Home”
05 “Empty On The Inside”
06 “Sparrow’s Fall”
07 “Glacial Pace”
08 “No Light Escapes” (bonus)
09 “Vicious Muse”
10 “Veins And Vails”
11 “Coral Blue”
12 “Shame In The Way”
13 “On My Shield” (bonus)
14 “Precipice:
15 “All We Love We Leave Behind”
16 “Runaway” (bonus)
17 “Predatory Glow”