If I were to go back in time and ask my 18 year old self what was the best romantic comedy he ever saw featuring an ensamble African-American cast, he’d say Boomerang. My twelve year old self would agree and then proceed to tell me if I ever found the girl I crushed on in sixth grade. I’d tell him of Facebook and proceed to blow his mind before letting his hopes down and saying, “No, we never did get the chance to ask her out on a date.”

Back to the present though. Eddie Murphy’s last great act before his descent into the muck section of his career in the mid-90s remains Boomerang. As the player Marcus Graham, Eddie had everything in control. He had role players David Alan Grier & Martin Lawrence for his homeboys, Chris Rock as the mail boy who idolized him, John Witherspoon as his homie’s pops and decided to run through the all-time gamut of bad movie chicks in Lela Rochon, Robin Givens (post-Mike Tyson), Tisha Campbell and Halle Berry. In the same movie, at the same damn time.

Hell, you could even add Grace Jones & Eartha Kitt to that list and you have bar none, the pantheon of beautiful black actresses all playing opposite one another who have had interactions with Eddie Murphy. Aside from the first House Party flick, its Reginald Hudlin’s best work (his worst being running BET but we’re not going to go there) and pretty much set the bar for how we gauge comedian turned romantic leads.

Players get played as we all learned but that didn’t stop us from saying Marcus Graham was the epitome of a player. Yes, Bill Bellamy tried to recreate the magic with How To Be A Player but that simply revolved around potential comeuppance than anything. Bill didn’t get the happy ending Eddie did, and most players just want the happy ending.

Now let us remember “Marcus darling…” and remember the trailer below.