Sorry for the hold-up. We give you a neatly packaged synopsis of indie, alternative, and remixed music you might have missed.
Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Lauer Remix)
Australian-Swedish twin sisters Saint Lou Lou’s debut track “Maybe You,” premieres via Kitsuné next Monday, along with four other remixes, one particularly by Lauer.  Take a listen to how this creative producer adds a dance beat to this already cool track, but also remaining true to the originality of the song.

CYMBALS – Like An Animal

London boys CYMBALS, show their post-punk electronic style in the track “Like an Animal.” As the first song off their 4-track release, the song blends ’80s new age  and climbing rhythms as the background for smooth and lingering lyrics. “Like an Animal” officially drops October 8th via Tough Love, accompanied by an instrumental version and two remixes by Fort Romeau and Maria Minerva.

Delphic – Good Life

Manchester, UK’s very own Delphic is back after a three plus year absence with “Good Life,” their official 2012 London Olympics single and fully intend on following up with an album soon. Known for their upbeat synth grooves, the quartette pair it with countless “Yeah!” chants, plus chopped up chipmunk vocals, making this the next summer track.

DOWNLOAD: Delphic – Good Life

Steven A. Clark – Seashore

From his album Fornication Under the Consent of the King, Stephen A. Clark releases the a track from the album entitled “Seashore” and had these comments on the track:

“‘Seashore’ is a metaphor for losing someone and just hoping they’d come back. I’m at fault for losing her, yet I long for her to return to me like the waves,” Steven A. Clark explains to Rolling Stone. “I wrote this song while living in a windowless warehouse thinking about my ex and watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on repeat.”

Sounding like a cross between Kanye West‘s 808 and Heartbreaks with a twist of Prince, I cannot help but to want to listen to this without a solid reason.

DOWNLOAD: Stephen A. Clark – Seashore

Poolside – Only Everything

The Los Angeles’ Poolside, the duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, release this “daytime disco” synth pop track “Only Everything.” Although not many of their works stain the mind as many of the party hard producers have been doing as of late, it most certainly has a vibe that relaxes the mind and calms the atmosphere of all that is within its soundwaves. They debut album Pacific Standard Time is available now.

DOWNLOAD: Poolside – Only Everything

Jet’s Overhead – Boredom and Joy

From their album Boredom and Joy, Jets Overhead releases the main track from the album, titled just the same.  With its mindless and thoughtless flow to the lyrics, the group’s intentions for the track to be “an ode to freedom – the gift of having the peace of mind to find joy even in the mundane” is definitely accomplished with its carefree vibe that transcends through the melody.

DOWNLOAD: Jet’s Overhead – Boredom and Joy

Aerosmith – Lover Alot

Kind of indifferent about this track. Not that it is not a bad or miserably terrible track stand alone, but the fact that there is a sixty-something individual acting half his age, crooning about love and using his sex charm to convey this message is what has probably I and the rest of the world wondering “why?” Pretty sure that this song is going to get attention simply because of the man behind the song, but I am not really sure if repeating the chorus throughout the song is really the ticket to starting the engine back up again. “Lover Alot” is the second song the band has posted from its forthcoming album, Music From Another Dimension. The record drops on November 6.

Sun Glitters – Alone (f. Sleep Party People) (Tours Edit)

Luxembourg and Denmark’s very own Sun Glitters, releases their track “Alone,” featuring Sleep Party People. Since they describe their masterpiece better than I can, here is that the Victor Ferreira, the group’s keyboardist, had to say on this collaboration:

“This collaboration happened last year, when we met at Fuse festival in Brussels. The original version of “Alone” is an all-encompassing hypersonic soundtrack of crackling layered beats, swarming synths and haunting vocal echoes, thanks to Danish multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz of Sleep Party People. Here, the song is given a sonically charged overhaul by Philly-based audio magician Tours.”

DOWNLOAD: Sun Glitters – Alone (Tours Remix)