The Go DJs have kept their brand as DJs and organizers up for the better part of a decade and now want the community at large to learn more about the successes, downfalls and tips on how to survive in the industry. On Monday, August 27th, the DJs will host the R.A.P. (Regional Artist Preparation) Conference with help from Atlantic Records own Kenny Mahone, Interscope Rep. Polo, Michael “5000” Watts, Bun B, Lil O, Dorrough, a host of A&Rs, radio program director and more. The event will take place at Houston’s renowned Roxy (5351 W. Alabama @ Rice) at 7 PM, letting attendees in on the inner circle of hip-hop from radio programming, artist promotion, return on investment (ROI) and more.

With the goal being Getting Texas “Back On Track”, its a key event for those who are determined to succeed in the industry by any means. To purchase tickets, follow the link or click here.