Unlike some of its NBC contemporaries, The Office, the long running series based around a Scranton, PA paper company will not go kicking and screaming into the night. After spending last season without Steve Carrell trapped in a creative malaise, executive producer Greg Daniels casually let it be known that the upcoming ninth season of the show would be its last. Quirky and humorous, the American spin off built off of the same vibes that made cult favorite Arrested Development so beloved and continued on, picking up eight seasons of humor with Dwight Schrute, the long road to Pam & Jim becoming a family and Michael Scott’s leadership being either awkward or just down right funny.

Even when the show had bits of promise once Steve Carell departed and Will Ferrell was brought in for a few guest episodes, the turns towards mediocrity were well there, even if the documentary style shots of the show lasted on and kept their sheen even with all the constant change. Luckily enough, Dwight may survive the swan song as there’s plans for a Schrute Farms B&B spin off to air in 2013.

The stars have simply outgrown the show with Mindy Kailing getting her own show on FOX, both Jenna Fischer & John Karasinski both starring in feature films and its biggest dog, Carell focusing more on his own film work. Nevertheless, it gave us Craig Robinson as a floor leader you’d want to love around at your job, how Dunder Mifflin is the greatest work place for a man-child such as Jim to operate in and more. We just hope Daniels has one final run left in his magic bag when the show returns to NBC September 20th.