Nicki Minaj Cancels Performance At UK’s V Festival

After Frank Ocean‘s sudden cancellation, along with several other European dates last week, the controversial Nicki Minaj has also made a B-line, pulling out of the show’s line-up as well. The singer’s representative released a statement explaining the reason for the abrupt drop out:

“Nicki Minaj regretfully cancelled her performances at UK’s V Festival (Highlands Park, August 18th and 19th) due to strained vocal chords. Despite doctor’s orders, she performed on a bruised vocal chord in NY on August 14. As a result, the chord has gotten worse. After her most recent x-ray the doctor advises she rest her voice for a few more days.”

Announced via The V Festival’s Facebook page, the party rockers LMFAO will be filling Nicki Minaj’s place as the 4Music headliners.

Kelly Rowland’s BET Sitcom Gets Green Light

Kelly Rowland, former member of the group Destiny’s Child gone solo, will lead a new sitcom on BET titled “What Would Dylan Do,” written and co-executive produced by Julian Breece and Warren Hutcherson. After staring on shows including The Hugleys and Girlfriends, the “Motivation” singer will star as the lead character Dylan, L.A.-based relationship blogger, struggling to stay above water with her best friend Cherise (Gabrielle Dennis, The Game) and rich divorcee roommate Brooke (Melanie Liburd, Strike Back). In addition to the show, she is also currently working on her fourth solo album, rumored to have featured Lil Wayne on its leading single “Ice.”

Lady Gaga Debuts Her New Perfume Trailer & Writes Letter To Fans

The mistress herself, Lady Gaga, recently wrote a letter to her fans via her site (below)

“A letter to my sweet fans..

Today is a really happy day for me. The past year was a challenge, and I’m so happy to have my spirit back. I felt in chains at times. Whether is be the record label disagreeing with me on single choices, or directors who could only create an idea of “gaga” or what i’ve “done before” and not able to move forward, and there was also of course the incessant dragging of the most important single of my career in dead-beaten-horse-mud. Then there were all the personal moments. Betrayed by lifelong friends, mentors I’ve had for years suddenly taking advantage of me, and a massive struggles with my body image.

I’ve grown and left most of these things behind, the monsters of fame are very real. But I wanted to thank you for baring with me a little bit. Today’s film is what happens when there is love and respect amongst creatives, teams, management. This project was run solely by the HAUS OF GAGA, ATOM FACTORY, AND STEVEN KLEIN’S fantastic team. I am feeling blessed to have removed those from my life driven by money and luxury, its all about the art of it. I feel free today.

Thank you for always being there for me monsters.

I love you


Another side note, releasing the trailer to her new perfume “Fame,” Lady Gaga covers all bases of dark and twisted. The perfume itself is a stand-alone, having a black shade in color in the bottle but drys clear on the skin. Check out this disturbing futuristic 30 second stunner below.

Gym Class Heroes Announce Fall Tour – Travie McCoy Parners with NFL and Pepsi

The cookie crumb snatching Gym Class Heroes have announced a fall tour (dates below).

Mainman Travie McCoy is linking up with Pepsi and the National Footbal League (NFL) on a project entitled “Pepsi NFL Anthems,” featuring a selection of today’s talented musical artists & historic NFL teams and its players. Inspired by the artists’ passion for their respected cities, artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, and Wiz Khalifa will create original anthems to represent their NFL team of choice. McCoy’s anthem, “All In,” created for the New York Giants, is now available at retail stores on specially marked 24-packs of Pepsi, Pepsi MAX, and Diet Pepsi and can be downloaded from a redemption code now through Sept. 3, after which all tracks will be available to the public.

Tour Dates:

18 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
19 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls
21 Detroit, MI The Magic Stick
22 Toronto, ON Mod Club
23 Buffalo, NY Infinity
25 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
29 Cambridge, MA Middle East
30 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer

No Doubt Addresses Album Delay

After a ten year drought, No Doubt has decided to release an album after teasing and toggling the release date. The bands forerunner, Gwen Stefani, in a covery story by Billboard, makes this statement about the release of the album Push and Shove:

“We would’ve loved for it to come out sooner. At the same time, we realized that the people that care about us, that have given us our lives, are out there waiting for us, so what does it matter if it’s a month here or a month there? As long as we make the record of our lives that we are so proud of. Otherwise, why put something out?”

Hopefully the new release date for Push and Shove sticks to September 25.

LMFAO’s Sky Blu Launches Big Bad University

Launching a collective assembly of talented songwriters, artists, and producers, Sky Blu of duo LMFAO has founded Big Bad University including himself, Shwayze, Chelsea Korka, and Mark Rosas. Pronounced hashtag sex song, check out the group’s debut fist-pumping, party rocking single “#SEXSONG” below.

DOWNLOAD: “Big Bad University – #SEXSONG”