After deterring towards electro and house music, well-known dubstep phenomenon Kill the Noise is back with this low frequency powerhouse  “Kill the Noise (Part I).” Originally leaving the dubstep scene because “all those nasty bass sounds” lost its substance, stating his thoughts that the “novelty of that has kind of worn off,” Jake Stanczak has returned with a slot on Skrillex’s new label, OWSLA, holding the title of last year’s second-highest seller of the label’s releases with his début of Kill Kill Kill EP.

Looking like a clip out of the infamous Grindhouse films, “Kill the Noise” ventures into a world of zombies where a band of warriors embark on a quest to defeat the top gun, having each of their blows from their musical weapons align with every synth and bass line. This neon covered Los Angeles was merely Mike Diva‘s interpretation of Stanczak guilty pleasure of video games.

“The way to build your audience is to approach things from a songwriting perspective, [to] try to write good songs that are memorable and have some emotion in them.”

We have the pleasure of viewing this video, courtesy of RollingStone.