Dublin’s soulful songstress, born of a Irish mother and Nigerian father, Laura Izibor is now back in the lime-light after her acclaimed 2008 debut album Let the Truth Be Told  with the release of a three song EP, The Brooklyn Session Vol. 1.  Recording the EP over a three day period at  Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, the artist wrote and produced the project with the assistance of the creative talents of Jesse Fischer & Solomon Dorsey. Guaranteed to be a fan favorite, the track “He’ll Never Know” is featured on the EP, initially sung a cappella and then drifts into  sincerely describing a painful heartbreak with little to no assistance of the acoustic strings and  hints of reggae influences that accentuate her soul stained voice. The stream of this song as well as the other two tracks “Gracefully” and “Ring” are available below.

“Albums sometimes take longer than you intend, there’s a real class making albums so the thought of making an EP with freedom and no juicer is really liberating,” Izibor told Singersroom about the project. “It’s so nice to just go in a room and just press record and just play to your heart’s intent and that’s what we did and I think you can hear that and the people in the room just had that love for music and just freedom.”

Although Izibor‘s EP is only three songs, she maintains that she is still focused on recording more material for her full sophomore album coming soon.