This isn’t going away, not for awhile at least. Chad’s pretty much caught up in a whirlwind where his public persona is getting dragged through the mud because of his actions Saturday night with his now soon to be ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. The more the details begin to emerge, the story just balloons from there.

Watching HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this season is now about to become increasingly infuriating from a guilty pleasure TV standpoint. The reason why the Jets were so much fun last year because they had personality, they had color to them. The Dolphins without Chad? Vanilla as can be. Sad thing is, Chad’s now out of work, out of love and in a situation he’s never faced in his decade plus long NFL career – public scrutiny for off the field issues.

For a brief moment, here’s where I feel for Chad. Getting fired is never the greatest feeling in the world, especially when you’ve shamed someone.

[via Broken Cool]