By now, everyone has heard a variation of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” whether it was the original, the G.O.O.D. Music Family remix, or any number of freestyles over the track’s hard-hitting instrumental. And like it or not, it’s really when OTHER people got ahold of it, that “I Don’t Like” started really getting noticed (so yeah, Chief, you do owe ‘Ye a little bit). When everyone seems to be doing the same remake, however, it helps to differentiate your version from the rest.

Brad Gilmore (of Houston hybrid music group Twenty Eleven), Stockz, and Dizzy – collectively known as The #OTOS Fam – decided to do just that. Recruiting The Art of Media’s Bryce Williams to handle direction, The #OTOS Fam put together their own “I Don’t Like (Remix).”

“I Don’t Like” as a track has come to be associated with ignorance, a little bit of ratchet, and yes, the ultimate dismissal of things you, well, dislike. The #OTOS Fam completely flips “I Don’t Like” on its head, employing a “Mercy”-esque palette of Blacks, whites, and greys in an abandoned building, and toeing the line between a rattling off of verses bragging about each artist’s respective talent and being a social commentary of sorts, serving up shots of Osama bin Laden, George Zimmerman, and the Aurora shooting incident.

While each of the #OTOS members has their own individual projects in the works – most recently, Stockz and his MylesDEEP tape – collectively, their “I Don’t Like (OTOS RMX)” should inspire many of us to go riot (and best believe I’m raising hell in shades and all black shirt-tie everything like Brad Gilmore in the video). But in the Los Angeles in 1992 sense, not the 2Chainz one.