The last time we saw the boys from Team USA they were celebrating their gold medals won after beating Spain on Sunday. Partying with Nas (!) and Swizz Beatz at Club Bud, making sure Kevin Love knew who Rick Ross was when they were celebrating. For us local folk, especially gamers who have been clamoring for a little justice to solve the ’92 Dream Team vs. ’12 Olympic Team debate now have their solace – thanks to mod crafters for NBA 2K12.

The mod, entitled FIBA 2K12 (click to learn more) has been buzzing on message boards and elsewhere for awhile now and considering that the Olympics are over and everyone and the mother is waiting for 2K’s official release of 2K13 in October, we figure this is a good way to ease the pain until then. Thing is, the mod is only for those who happen to have the PC version of the game but as resident 2K head Chris Smoove will explain in his recap video below – maybe it’s not a bad investment to have.