Oh. Well, that explains everything.

Earlier today, Earl Sweatshirt took to twitter to let the world know that, while his absence from the Odd Future crew as they’re on tour may be pretty noticeable – and while the rest of us have all but been in anticipation since he smashed his “Super Rich Kids” feature on channel ORANGE – he’s actually hard at work. What started out as just an announcement soon transformed into a breakdown of sorts, during which young Sweatshirt saw fit to prepare fans for what to expect on the album in the form of his “progression”

and listed the album’s producers and featured artists, as well.

Sadly, Earl was cut short just before leaking the biggest news of all – that is, the actual album title.

Damn it. Well, in any case, at least we know Earl’s cooking up something. Hopefully a title and release date will be shortly to follow.

[via MaskedGorilla]

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