With less than three months to go before America enters what is undoubtably the biggest election in the country’s history due to the policies on the line, the Republicans and their candidate for man behind the desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Mitt Romney, has selected his running mate.

Romney will have Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan as his VP choice, according to sources. Ryan, a noted economist and the GOP’s go to man when it comes to fiscal matters (he’s chair of the House Budget Committee) gives Ronmey’s strategy of making the election solely about the economy and unemployment and also gives him a candidate who isn’t afraid to challenge President Barack Obama, whether it be in a public or private form.

Democrats have argued that Ryan’s budget “kills Medicare as we know it” while Republicans believes it reins in spending and can save Medicare while cutting $700 billion from Medicaid. Obama himself has called Ryan’s plan “a thinly veiled form of Darwinism”, ironic since the right believes wholeheartedly that Obama & the Democrats are current socialists. While the House has set up a fiscal budget, the Senate has yet to budge in passing one – for the past three years now and counting.

At 42, Ryan is young and viable enough to change some of the Romney perception in the Midwest at least since he’s from the battleground state of Wisconsin. As risky as he may be, he’s an even one for the Republicans who are currently trailing the President in most early polls.