Words: Kristina Rose

Individuality in the fashion world is what sets us apart from the rest. Kareem Day, creator behind the Exclusive Doofus brand understands this notion as he adds exclusivity to his brand with fully customizable letterman jackets designed specific to the individual. Kareem also introduces trendy slogan tees, along with logoed hats, and my favorite…THE moccasins. The Exclusive Doofus line is unique, bordering a fresh new innovative prospective to fashion coupled with a classic vintage feel. Kareem leaves no stone unturned in his collection as he strives to impart his vision in the collection while also giving his wearers a voice of their own with his bespoke designs. It was a pleasure getting to know the man behind the brand as he shared with us what his brand was all about. We are excited and looking forward to his much anticipated preview this Fall of what’s to come from Exclusive Doofus.

Name(s): Kareem….The Nature Boy Woooo!
Title: CEO/Creative Director of Exclusive Doofus
Hometown: Philly…Big beards, sneaker stores, and cheese steaks. “Easy on the onions!”
Best Verse in a Song: Michael Jackson “You can’t win” from the The Wiz soundtrack
Best Sneaker: Air Jordan 5 Grape/ Laney High
Guilty Pleasure: Sneakers
You in one word: Unpredictable

Day & A Dream: How did Exclusive Doofus come about?
Kareem Day: I always been into fashion on all levels and romanced the thought of having a brand of my own in high school. I played with the idea for a couple of years and just designed for myself. I didn’t think to push it further until someone bought a jacket that I designed right off of my back. From there the brand pretty much got know for custom outerwear and been rolling every since.

The name behind the brand?…what does it mean?
KD: I came up with the name Exclusive Doofus while I was on a trip in Cozumel, Mexico. I thought it would be cool to have one of the locals make a homemade bracelet for me with a name on it. I thought of a name for about 2 seconds and Exclusive Doofus was the first thing that came to mind. Exclusive Doofus just means to be comfortable in your own ways regardless of the mass appeal. The meaning has a lot to do with individuality and confidence. Icons like Mohammed Ali, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Michel Jean Basquiat are all considered to be an Exclusive Doofus.

Who are the companies/people that you would like to collaborate with in regards to the brand?
KD: Not really focused on collaborating with any brands as of now but I do admire Ronnie Fieg, Staple Designs, Maharishi, and small brands with substance.

Curiosity killed the cat, but who killed the pig? What does the pig stand for?
KD: The pig is a representation of embracing what society often looks down upon. Many cultures and individuals often stamp the pig as a bottom feeder, dirty, or even disgusting. We took the pig, embraced it, and brought it to light as our way of saying “Never mind the Naysayers….”. Oink! Oink!

We all have our favorite genres in fashion, so what is your fascination with the ivy league/vintage style?
KD: I have always been a fan of the 60’s and 70’s era of fashion. Fashion in that era really focused on a complete outfit. I’m talking down to the socks! If you watch the movie Cooley High, Cochise and Preach were crisp in every scene. I love the old school collegiate look and wanted to highlight that with the Vintage Ivy League aspect of the brand.

I’m glad to see that you have women’s wear being that we are the biggest consumers of fashion. What made you decide to broaden your line to include women?
KD: Women rule the world, why not? We did the Ivy League Cardigan for the women and still have woman asking for it to this day. Much, much, much more to come!

On a national level, what department stores/chains would you like to see Exclusive Doofus hanging on the racks of?
KD: I would like to see Exclusive Doofus in stores like Nordstrom’s, Saks, and Barneys New York as far as department stores and along with that I would love to have an official store for the brand.

What’s next for Exclusive Doofus?
KD: Fall/Winter 2012 we will be releasing our first shoe! From there, the aim is to keep the consistency going with the shoes. I always had a passion for shoe design and fortunately have an opportunity to bring the sketches to life. Funny story, I remember drawing a picture of a sneaker in the 6th grade that I said would come out in 2013. Ironically a year ahead of schedule the brand will have its official shoe. Pretty crazy. Other than that the aim is to get into some stores internationally and terrorize the foreign markets. Along with release events and consistent custom wear, we plan to keep giving the customers what they want!

Contact Info:
Official Website | Tumblr | Blogspot | Facebook | @exclusivedoofus | Instagram: kareem_exclusivedoofus