B.o.B. decides to put his creative ways to good use in these newest visuals for his track, “Play the Guitar,” a catchy and collaborative effort with Andre 3000 that sadly didn’t make it onto Bobby Ray’s Strange Clouds album.

While on surface, Bobby Ray’s opting to employ monochrome colors of grey, white, and black into the “Play the Guitar” video seems far from original, you gotta give the kid some credit for using dots in pixel-like fashion to construct images of himself, his logo, and the like. 3K’s verse of course makes the cut but Mr. Benjamin himself is all but absent from the video. No matter, as for us 80s babies at the least – or rather, for this 80s baby in particular – the “Play the Guitar” video brings back memories of a simpler time, when all I needed in this life of sin was me and my toy Lite-Brite.

[via RapUp]