After months of speculation and tendencies that made LeBron’s “Decision” look like choosing between a Big Mac & a Whopper, Dwight Howard’s “trade me” saga has finally come to a conclusion – with the above photoshopped image soon to become a reality.

In a four-team deal according to ESPN, Orando shipped off the league’s best (and most disgruntled) center to the Lakers in exchange for Denver receiving Andre Igoudala from the Philadelphia 76ers, the Sixers getting Lakers center Andrew Bynum & Orlando’s Jason Richardson and the Magic coming away with Aaron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless & protected 1st round picks from Denver, Los Angeles & Philadelphia in the deal.

The move immediately vaults the Lakers into the conversation for the 2013 NBA title and once again puts the idea of a Lakers/Heat, or rather a LeBron/Kobe Finals in the thoughts of every NBA fan on the planet.

Three quick thoughts:

1. Mike Brown Is Still The Head Caoch
– When the offense went into struggle mode during plenty of times during the last season, all eyes went directed at Mike Brown, who replaced the Triangle with whatever he calls a plan. Now that Kobe wants to play the Princeton and he has a legit PG in Steve Nash, not to mention Howard – what kind of gameplan does he actually come up with?

2. Dwight Howard Still Will Become A Free Agent Next Year
– We’re about to enter a possible third year of Dwight Howard questioning what is good for his life in the general public. He’s already earned the villain tag from fans and pundits just by being so indecisive. Then again, he’ll find his way for game one against the Thunder and realize Jack Nicholson is on the court, same with Leo, Denzel and any other A-lister in attendance. Which then leads us to the extension of the Kobe Bryant dynasty for at least two more seasons.

3. Denver Won, Philly Sort Of Won & Orlando Got Fleece Johnson’d
– The Nuggets knew they were going to be a 6th seed or worse in the West with the Spurs, Grizzlies, Lakers, Thunder & Clippers all somewhat better than them. Grabbing Iggy gives them a do-everything player while also shedding some bloated contracts. Philly left Andrew Bynum to deal with Doug Collins “play hard or else” mentality & Kwame Brown. He’s now the number one option for a team so caring – in Philadelphia of all places is an absolute necessity unless he need not want to die.

As for the Magic? I’m sure this guy was chilling in the GM’s office once the deal was completed: